Greatest GIFT – Naomi Jeremiah

Faith, God's Wisdom, journey to healthy living, Life and dreams – Naomi Jeremiah

“About my Life’s Journey” Naomi Jeremiah

I have been in this journey of losing weight that I found out is very effective. I had never counted calories in my entire life; until one day when I discovered free applications on my cell phone’s “my store” that I can incorporate and use to make losing weight possible and successful.  I installed the app on my cell phone and I shared it with my hubby who also wanted to lose excess weight.

We started on June 8, 2015 and to our amazement, the weight started to come off slowly but surely. We made sure that we are eating quality and healthy food as we go.

We always thought that when you reach a certain age, it will be difficult to lose weight. Your metabolism is no longer capable to work properly. So we thought.

Fast forward to 2019: I’ve lost the extra weight. I’ve lost weight and maintained a normal weight since 2016. Vegetables and fruits and whole grain comprise my daily nutritional routine. I’m not a Vegan nor a Vegetarian because I believe that I need the complete protein I get from lean meat, chicken, fish and seafood, although they are more side dish than main course on my plate. I totally cut down with simple sugar which lower my fasting sugar level to normal. Intermittent fasting is an everyday thing for me ever since I found out about it in 2015. I sleep better at night and I do not experience heartburn anymore. Everyday, is a learning experience with exciting discoveries at how I can help my body to be healthy with better nutrition and lifestyle. Blogging helps tremendously to keep me challenged and feel encouraged and motivated. Healthy life is a life long affair. My life is on God’s hand and who is best to guide me on this journey but Him. He is a giver and taker of life. He is a healer and a great GUIDE. My life depends on Him.  add another page.

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