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Covid19 Way of Life

What a roller coaster ride it has been since the last time I posted about this virus that so much impacted all our lives! Almost four months after, we have learned to cope and to adjust to a world health crisis of a huge proportion.

On March 11, 2020, USA had confirmed cases of 1,056 with 31 deaths. China was leading the pack of Covid19 confirmed cases. We had our eyes gazed on CCP’s virus spread where it all started.

March 30, 2020USA

Fast Forward to three days ago, and there were three million confirmed cases in the U.S. alone as of July 18, 2020! And this time around though, many are no longer as afraid compared to when it was just slowly spreading in March 2020. We’ve heard so much news about Corona Virus, that I think many got immune; and being on a lock down for a few months, they just had enough; and let their guard downThey become less guarded or vigilant; and stopped being cautious about potential trouble or danger. Most refused to be told what to do, especially about wearing a face mask. It’s not their style!

Wearing face mask is now part of our daily life; at least for those who believe in protecting themselves and others. There have been an ongoing divisive discussions and conflicts about wearing face masks. It’s good, one group said; it’s bad, another group complained. It’s weird enough to stay away from people for fear of getting infected; that by just getting too close for comfort, we will become Covid positive! They might be all cover up with theirs or others saliva full of Covid! Yikes! This sounds funny, but this is what our lives revolve around nowadays: That droplets full of a killer virus!

The scary “crown”
Amazingly, there are more than a million survivors in America as to this writing.

Amazingly, there are more than a million survivors in America as to this writing.

Who knows how long Covid 19 is staying around. Are we going to see the light at the end of all these next year?

The 1918 flu pandemic lasted from February 1918 to April 1920, it infected 500 million people–about a third of the world’s population at the time–in four successive waves. The death toll is typically estimated to have been somewhere between 17 million and 50 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.

I do wear face mask with face shield. Honestly, I take this Covid 19 very seriously!

I do wear a face mask with face shield when I go out in public. Honestly, I take this Covid 19 very seriously!

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Civic Duty done for the year!

It’s getting easier to maintain or lose weight. That is when I reached a weight that’s not far from what I perceived as my ideal weight. Just maintaining and if I lose more, that would be great too. I am only about 6 pounds away from my ideal weight.

Jury2duty101315 The other day, I had to wake up very early to respond to another notice to do jury duty. The change in daily routine somehow got me extremely sleepy and tired. I am so used to my daily veggie juice followed by having some light breakfast while watching cooking shows or travel shows through streaming videos. My body is no longer used to waking up before sunrise, this time to head to the courthouse to avoid the bad traffic. It was still bumper to bumper especially after a three day weekend.

I had to pack the night before, some leftover foods to tie me over while waiting for my juror number to be called. I’m pretty much have a knowledge already of the procedures since I was just called for jury duty last year in March. Fortunately, that day, my juror number was not called and I never had experienced to actually sit in a group for jury selection. I’ve been called many times in the past when I was still working, but the farthest I’ve gone with a jury group was to wait for hours to be questioned by attorneys which did not happen. Before we can be called into the courtroom, they had reached a plea bargain. Between waiting for eight hours, some lunch break and being transported to another building by a shuttle bus, I was so exhausted! But at least I was used waking up early and was used to the hustle and the bustle of the freeways, so I was more than happy to take a break away from work.

This time around, where I am the boss of my time and I have a wonderful healthy routine I’ve been following, this year’s jury duty call was not a welcome change. I was dragging as I only had about four or five hours of sleep. As jury duty is a civic obligation, I might as well get it done and be over it and maybe look forward to eat out after. I was pretty much sure that they will miss my juror number again. I just have to be patient.

Lo and behold, the first juror group that was called, my juror number was part of. Right on the bat, it dampened my mood of having a nice breakfast after jury duty is done and over with. There were 65 prospective jurors lined up by the court bailiff and we headed to the elevator. But before that, we were given new juror numbers so it would be easier for the attorneys to identify us. I found out later that we were actually underground and we did some walking to get to the elevator and to another building across the street from where we started. I can say, it was a well organized system. This was totally new to me and somehow I’ve forgotten how sleepy I was just about an hour ago.

We were allowed to go use the restrooms before they let us in. Right away I’ve noticed that the prospective jurors somehow bonded and joked with each other as now our time was on the county court’s time. We were being dictated what to do and were given instructions on what will happen next. The court bailiff was very nice with some precautions on things that we should never do. He said that we would just have to be patient as getting bored and being impatient and leaving our ‘post’ can result to jail time. No rescheduling, just straight to jail for contempt of court order.

Finally, I got inside the courtroom as a prospective juror. When we finally got seated on a pew like seating arrangement, the courtroom judge briefed us and had given us some scenarios of cases in the past. He sort of assisted us with our thoughts and beliefs. In choosing the jurors, he said they go by first impressions first. He wanted us to participate with the questions and answers and he reminded us that those who do not speak up will most likely be chosen to be part of the jury. There’s no problem for me to speak up as I am very interested concerning the laws of the land.

The prosecuting attorney spoke with us with a round of questions and answers. It was a criminal case of DUI or DWI. For me that case is an open-and-shut case. When you get arrested and charged and you are on trial, it’s just a formality to stand on trial. The court has a strong case against the defendant.

With my answers, I knew that I would not be selected. I was honest with my answers and straight forward. The judge said that it might take only a day to be done with the case, but it will depend on the circumstances in the courtroom as the hours go by. Would I like to wake up early again and disrupt and compromise a good sleep schedule? Maybe not. I am glad though that I got this far and all the waiting and being present had finally paid off. Would I like to be called again? No such thing if I can avoid it. I think I am done with my civic duty in attending and being called many times by the courts. It will be sort of a let-down when I get called again and wait patiently and then not be part of the prospective juror group at least. For one thing, I enjoyed being persuaded and being convinced by the judge, the prosecutor and defense on which way my mind should go.