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Where did the year go?!


The year 2015 is coming to a close very soon here. I am totally bewildered as to how each month has come and gone and here we are at the last month of the year.

I was doing my Christmas preparations and digging decorations in my storage closet designated for this special holiday season the last week of November, when I realized that it seemed I recently organized and put away my Christmas adornments, when in fact it was last January of 2015 . But it seemed like it was just yesterday.  Then, when every ornament, snow men 20151203_104906.jpgand Santa Claus collections were out of hiding, 20151203_101244.jpgI’ve realized one thing vividly: my decorations were mostly for that big Christmas tree that we stored up in the20151203_101130.jpg attic. 20151203_101506.jpg

Another thing that came to mind is I have not really acquired new Christmas decors that are bigger and a bit expensive as there is really nothing new out there in the stores to excite me about. Nothing new that were not sold before, put it that way. I just got tired of the commercialism that comes with Christmas. I never thought I would say that! Besides, why spend so much for decors that you can only use once a year and stored for 11 months. What a waste of time and money.  I’m seriously opting to donate some of the decors next year and see what happen on Christmas 2016.

As I finished up with the decors I want to show case for this year, I had a feeling of nostalgia and I feel a sudden sadness. I got out of that feeling soon enough so as not to depress me. It’s just that all things come and go, everything. Nothing stays the same. What helped me feel some relief from sadness is the fact that God is constant and always a Comfort and a Guide.


One of my old Christmas decors

My faith in Him has made me survive this end of the year sadness I’ve seemed to always dwell on this time of the year. I know that the beginning of the year will be a start of something new. It’s always the case. Once the first of the New Year is here, I feel refresh and hopeful. I guess I will always have to remember to focus on that emotion. Furthermore, I have lost quite a few pounds this year that I can look forward to getting into the regular swing of things with a lighter weight. There are so many new possibilities that go with losing weight; and the knowledge I’ve gained on how to lose or maintain my weight. I have learned so much this year.


Memories of Christmas 2011 —


My fireplace mantel for 2015

I did take my mind off the hobble of feeling emotionally dejected and withdrawn from something that will bring back nostalgia; and soon enough I got back to the swing of things about Christmas. We celebrated my birthday on the first week of the month, which turned out to be very nice, with the weather cooperating and sunshine galore. I encouraged myself to get out and visited and walked around different malls a few times and the Christmas glitters uplifted my spirit. Doing some shopping for myself had done wonders to my mood, too.

And now, I’m ready to meet the new year with a lot of enthusiasm. I’ve recognized that many good things had happened this year especially with my health. If nothing was learned, nothing was taught and I may not be in this best time of my life if I did not pursue and did not research what could change my life around for the better. And I am thanking God who went it through with me with the wisdom I have learned from Him.

I always have to count my blessings and I know I am not running out of them. They are always coming my way, great and small.