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The deadly Plague-like Virus that crippled the World

Who would think that 2020 would be the year that God’s anger would arise and His wrath would take full force against a disobedient world? Whether they tackle this or not on mainstream or social media, God finally has to put His foot down!

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Never did we experience this deadly health crisis in this modern times in our lifetime. Occasionally, we experienced and heard of viruses, like the swine flu, the Spanish Flu in 1918, Sars, Influenza and other viruses gone viral. In this modern age, we are faced with this quick spreading coronavirus that’s called Covid-19. The world is stunned, scared and in panic. Easy and quick fixes are nowhere in sight! Covid-19 does not discriminate either. The deadly virus affected the poor and the rich! The case counts are rising every seconds, every minute. The global deaths are estimated this minute at 15,390 and 351,003 in confirmed cases.

The rich can’t handle the quarantine. They are ready to party, what’s the hold up? Before you know it, they, too, got infected! The more this modern virus spread each and everyday, the medical experts are finding out that the wicked virus is not only infecting and killing the elderly, but also the youthful, prideful generations.

The only relief in sight is coming to God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, humbling ourselves and realizing we have turned away from the only One who can heal and save us all. Our sins have found us out! The people who were praying for world justice; were answered. Unbeknownst to us, millions have prayed this prayer.

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At the time like this, why am I posting this? This is the best time! This is the time when we can share our need for a Savior and that is Jesus Christ, our Lord. The reality is we have a Savior of the world. Not only does He heal us, He forgives us when we repent and ask for His Salvation! In Christ, whether we live or die at this current global trying times, we belong to the Lord. In Christ we will be with Him in paradise, in heaven! Absence from the body is present with the Lord.

Coronavirus without Jesus Christ is scary! You would die from it, and you would die again without eternal Salvation from Jesus Christ. This is the time of reckoning- the time when one is called to account for one’s actions and to pay one’s debts He owes to God. With our surrendered will to Jesus Christ, our debt to God is paid in full. But not until we sincerely have turned away from our sins and follow our Savior and our Lord, the Son of God and transformed by Him.

We are all sinners and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will set ourselves free from Satan’s strongholds on us. This catastrophic epidemic that is hitting us is the devil’s heyday! He is in celebration that millions would come to his fold in death.


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Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are desperate for healing, If we’re not able to prevent the Virus, unable to regain our physical health, if we are to be infected by this virus, healing our eternal souls is the next best thing. It should really be our first major plan for our lives. As this is the will of God for us. He wants to save us. And to get our attention, sometimes, He uses His power of Wrath. We can’t stop Him. He is God, He is the creator of this world we are living in. He is responsible for our birth. He assigns a time for us to be on earth to fulfill His plans and purposes for this world. He gives us a free will, but the last say is still His, whether you choose Him or not.

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Here’s a prayer that will open God’s heaven for you. May this prayer bring you peace, comfort, encouragement and uplift your hearts that you are not alone in battling this vicious virus. If you sincerely pray this prayer, Jesus Christ will come to you and keep you able to withstand this health crisis we are all facing.Screenshot_20200322-114002_Photoshop Express.jpg

After you pray this, check out the internet for Holy Bible reading. This will bring you comfort as you weather this storm that we are all facing.

This is an easy read where we all can understand the perfect Word of God. Here are some verses that would also ease our fears.



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How do you grieve the death of an ex-husband?



I found out a day before that my ex-husband had passed away in 2017. The first thing I felt was: shocked! He was not that old in today’s standard. Slowly, I started to think about the past, and it was constantly in my mind. It helped the weird feeling of knowing his death by telling my son about it and messaging our mutual friends about the loss.

Fortunately, my husband is very supportive and understanding. He knew my history with my ex-husband vaguely, but he learned a little bit more as I shared with him the information I gathered through out the day. It surely eased up the growing sad feeling developing inside of me. Death6

I came to realize that even though the marriage ended in divorce, have not heard from him for so many years, finding out about an ex-husband’s death is sort of traumatic. Being with this person, day in and day out for almost twelve years, I started feeling grief. The marriage was rocky from the start because trust was broken from the get go, but I went along and stayed for the simple reason that love and caring had got something to do with it. But due to the trust issues and covering up some lies, it got harder and harder to make the marriage work in my part.

Nevertheless, after what was said and done the realization, of an ex-spouse’s death has an impact in my life after all. I’ve learned that separation, divorce and distance do not count in regards to our emotions. The length of years, the good and happy times in between the tumultuous years, do speak volumes. You do get affected.


I hope that writing it here can heal the emotional pain and sadness. It helped a lot as well when I was able to communicate to one of his siblings and told me what happened. She could not get ahold of me because she didn’t know where I can be found. She was so gracious and so nice to me that it ease up the sadness.

To go through this sad episode, I was advised to just think about the good and happy memories which matter the most. I know the first night of knowing the sad news will be the hardest to get through as you cannot help to think about your relationship with the departed. That’s why, I’m wide awake right now and sharing this here at this moment.