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Successful weight loss

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I never knew losing weight can be easy even at the age when metabolism gets slower. I’ve been on and off with dieting through the years. Bought books to learn the secrets of losing weight successfully. I’ve tried different programs from Atkins to Weight Watchers, and Paleo in recent months.

I was successful in losing 20 pounds when I was younger after having a baby. My weight hit the roof when I could not get into a size 9 anymore. I clearly remember when I went into a panic mode, and I immediately went into a strict dieting, barely eating and then, supplementing my body with a diet pill daily. I lost the weight in a matter of a few months, but my body was experiencing so much fatigue and I was so hungry all the time. I was always getting a headache. But I still managed to lose the extra weight and I especially like that I reached my weight goal where I can wear my size small outfits again. I eventually incorporated exercising to my diet plan to be able to maintain my ideal weight. I’ve exercised everyday. Bought exercise videos, and got different exercise equipment. That was my workout regimen each and everyday of my life. I also did not go overboard with food. Unbeknownst to me, I was dehydrated all the time. I’d get dizzy most days and I lack good sleep. Since I was not eating properly, which I was aware of, I’ve taken supplements of Vitamins and Minerals, with additional Vitamin C.

My life was so hectic with work and socializing; work hard, play hard was my motto. I was able to maintain my ideal weight for quite sometime; until I was in a phase of my life where fine dining in a good restaurant became a thing with me and my hubby. We worked so hard on weekdays, so why not splurge with food on Fridays and weekends. Especially when work was so stressful, I felt comforted with dining in a restaurant. I am not into fast foods then and even now. Not that I knew already the pitfall effects of eating junk foods in our body system. I was just not attracted to foods that can be cooked so fast in no time. From time to time, maybe when things were rushed that I succumbed to having burgers at the fast food joints.

Though I was  still working out, my weight gain started to creep up slowly. For one thing, I stopped weighing myself in the morning. No matter what other people say about weighing everyday, it worked for me when I stepped on the scale each morning. I was able to lose some pounds here and there because I knew what my weight was. I’d workout harder or I’ve avoided eating three meals a day.

When I finally threw caution to the wind as in not weighing each day, started eating out not only in the weekends but almost everyday, my weight went haywire. This was during the time where eating out in newly opened restaurants was the in thing. Everyone at work who can afford to eat out and trying different authentic foods, enjoying sushi, all you can eat seafood places like Todai and the likes were rubbing off on us. And I must admit, my hubby and I had a great time and memories with the abundance of restaurants catering to our taste buds.

The catalyst that broke the camel’s back was when my hubby and I relocated to another state; sold our house and just enjoyed being non working citizens. Food was our best friend. No cares in the world is not a good thing most of the time; especially if it concerns your health. Over indulgence with fine dining has its price– our health. Slowly but surely, I’ve lost my energy. I did not feel so good. I bought a treadmill but if I did not use it all the time, it’s no help to me. When I checked my scale one day, the weight report was not a welcoming change. I’ve got to do something about it.

I’ve started searching online about healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned so much about plant based food. That vegetables and fruits can do wonders to your body, especially when you eat them raw. Slowly, I’ve changed what we have in our kitchen, refrigerator and pantry.

I’ve Facebook liked almost all of the health gurus and functional doctors and I’ve learned so much from them. When we’ve changed our eating habits to healthy eats of vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread and seeds, grass fed beef, organic chicken, and wild caught fish to nuts and all organic, I feel like I have so much energy. I can tell that plant based food is doing me so much good and I was so happy that feeling sluggish will be a thing of the past.countnutrients

Knowing that we have embarked into counting on nutritious and healthy food to make us feel good, I rest easy that this eating lifestyle is what we are looking for. Not eating out as much is for the best as we became GMO aware and organic food educated. I’ve learned to cook healthy food which gives me the driver seat in regards to salt and sugar intake. But all food has calories whether good or bad. Although the calories on fruits and vegetables are lower than meat, poultry, wild caught fish, grains, seeds and nuts and other food on the health chart, if you eat a lot of them, you will gain weight or just maintain your current weight. And we still need to lose weight.

So what’s the next best thing we discovered? Counting calories! With the help of an app that we found online, counting calories have made my husband and I lose weight. We bought a food scale so we can get right measurements in regards to grams, ounces, and so on. Weighing ourselves everyday again on our weight scale is the facts of life.  Seeing the weight goes down is the reward of calorie counting. It works for us!  My hubby has lost 27 pounds since May 2015; and I’ve lost 8 pounds so far since June 8th last month. I’m only aiming to lose 10 pounds for now. I am now down to 114 pounds. I’m hoping to get back to 105. Eventually, down to 100 as my ideal weight.

We finally found the right way to lose weight successfully, feel full and be nutritiously healthy. I’ve got into the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water daily; and I’ve been sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night. The rise in energy is amazing, as we continue to eat organic veggies, fruits, brown rice, quinoa, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds that we mixed in our veggie and fruit nutrablast each morning; and some grass fed meat, organic poultry and wild caught fish and shrimps, in moderation that is, we are on the right track of combating the weight gain we dreaded all these years. There’s hope to losing weight— for us it’s counting calories!

A scale with an apple and one with chocolate.


Author: Naomi Jeremiah

My blog is about my Faith, my love for God, my ongoing journey to good health, plant based foods, and Wisdom I've learned.

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